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Stelrad Concord Plane Radiators

Concord style
Frequently Asked Questions about Stelrad Radiators

Do the radiators come with brackets?
- All Stelrad radiators come with mounting brackets and 1/2" plug and vent.

Is there a recommended height to fit my radiator? - Yes, Stelrad recommend 150mm (6") from the base of the radiator to the floor to help with air flow.

How are they packed? - Each radiator is packed with robust cardboard and plastic packaging which can be even left on during installation.

Stelrad Concord PlaneStelrad Concord Plane
Available in 3 heights - 440,588 & 736mm and widths from 500mm up to 3000mm.Constructed from slim flat tubes that lie horizontally, Plane it is not!
Stelrad Concord Lo-LineStelrad Concord Lo-Line
With only 2 or 4 panels, the Lo-Line is a derivative of the standard Plane. Heights are either 144mm or 292mm, combined with a width range between 800mm and 2200mm.
Stelrad Concord VerticalStelrad Concord Vertical
The same as the Plane, only vertical. Again 440,588 or 736mm wide, with a choice of 1800 or 2000mm High.
Stelrad Concord SlimlineStelrad Concord Slimline
With the benefits of the vertical model, the Slimline offers a different look by exposing the slim tubes. 2 Height options, 1800mm or 2000mm, and widths from 320mm to 640mm.

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