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Water Wasters

February 16, 2011
Posted in Domestic Heating — Written by Bob

In the efforts to save our Planet`s natural resources and to safeguard the environment most people are unaware of the amount of water wastage within their own households. It is common sense not to leave taps running when you wash or clean teeth and also to have shorter time in the shower.There are however products on the market that can help cut water wastage and save money especially if you are on a water meter.
From April 2010 new dwellings must comply with new building regulations.
New Dwellings must not exceed a new water efficiency standard of 125 litres per person per day using the new ‘ Water Efficiency Calculator’.
The new calculator assesses the whole house water efficiency against assumed water usage patterns. It is used for Part G and also the code for sustainable homes.

To help acheive these lower rates we have listed below some solutions such as lower volume baths, low flush wc’s and flow restrictors to fit both taps and showers.

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